Data Science A 21st Century Job Skill fo

Data Science A 21st Century Job Skill for Every Discipline

Data Science: A 21st Century Job Skill for Every Discipline

There’s not only employment marketplace for a wider range of knowledge science skills — and affordable onramps to realize those skills at any level — but also a fast-growing shift to the attitude that these skills are essential for any discipline, in any industry. “Data science may be a 21st century job skill that everyone should have. Everybody should have some knowledge of those tools. Every field,” said Eric Van Dusen, curriculum coordinator for data science education at the IBM. “I tell students, you all got to learn this language. You all got to begin with this set of skills. You’re getting to be tons more powerful in whatever career you enter.”


Across industries, across functions, building data science skills is a win. In this article, pulling from experts working in, teaching, and building the future of data science, we cover:

Applications and opportunities for data science for any job level across industries, along with predictions for which industries will see the most impact

Why build a career in data science or add data science skills to your professional toolkit

How to choose the right data science course or program for y


Why Build a Career in Data Science — or Including it?


Data scientist is one of the fastest-growing job titles in the country, with salaries to match. We have more computer power and data available than ever before that organizations across industries are keen to leverage.

“And maybe you’re not going to be [the data science] person, but you still need to have these skills to succeed in the next generation of jobs. People on teams, they’re going to need to be able to talk to their manager, their colleagues, software engineers. Or even with automation — almost all workplaces are going to have automation. There’s a lot about data science that’s learning how to interact with the automation, what are the algorithms of the operation. You might not be programming the robot, but you need to understand the flows of things that are going to train the robot.”

Data Science for Every Level, in Any Industry

An increasing range of execs are leveraging data science skills to ask questions and explore problems across many fields. While, consistent with The Hybrid Job Economy report from Burning Glass, the demand for data scientists has jumped over 15% between 2010 and 2018 alone, the important impact of massive data skills has been in jobs that when had little to try to to with statistics. “The demand for metrics — and therefore the growing simple measuring and visualizing them — is reshaping business practices across industries,” the report says, citing marketing and business analysis examples, additionally to highlighting the wide demand for data science and analytics skills in decision-making roles, including managers across a variety of industries.


How do I Choose the Best Data Science Course or Program for me?

In today’s data-driven world, data science skills are now an essential part of every professional’s toolkit. The number of organizations and types of industries that use data will only continue to grow in 2020 and throughout the next decade.

“Regardless of the approach you are considering to try to change the world, there is very likely a way data science skills can help,” said Irizarry.

Whether you work in the data science field or not, learn more about how data science skills, tools, and concepts can make a big impact on your career.

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